Several Dots-to-Dot Audiovisual Flowing Above Parallel-to-parallel Networks

  • Mohammed J. Mohammed College of Engineering, Nawroz University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Iraq


TCP is that the transport protocol used copious larger in vary among the net. Protocol could also be a sender-driven protocol throughout that the sender collects knowledge to figure out the routing path. Specifically, we have a tendency to tend to inspire transport layer support for multipoint-to-point connections to wear down the matter of sources lacking properties like capability and handiness in Parallel-to-parallel networks. Here, we have a tendency to tend to require under consideration the matter of Several Dot-to-Dot Audiovisual Flowing Above Parallel-to-parallel networks. we have a tendency to tend to gift a convey category protocol spoken as R2CP (Beam Levee Rolling Protocol) that permits Several Dot-to-Dot  Audiovisual Flowing Above Parallel-to-parallel Networks.R2CP could also be a receiver induces divers event convey protocol. It wants no coordination between multiple sources. It uses TCP-genial crowding management then sends to the Audiovisual Flowing the mix those bandwidths available on individual ways.


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