School Management Application Using iOS

  • Renas R. Asaad Department of Computer Science, Nawroz University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Iraq
  • Rasan Ismael Segerey Researcher, Duhok, , Kurdistan Region – Iraq


Recently, the mobile application become a big service that’s make users easy manage the data over the server. The Application consist several sections. First section the Front End used is Swift Language in Xcode platform with MySQL and web server. Second section the Back End used is MySQL.  In this paper there are several modules such as Data Entry module, Data Records module. These modules are further divided in to sub modules. That is Class Setup, Student Setup, Teacher Setup, Student Attendance, Subject Setup, Examination Setup and Exam Details are in Data Entry module. Student Details, Teacher Records, Student Attendance are in the Data Records module. These modules give way in managing the organization efficiently. So, this project helps in efficient management of human resource inside the organization. Also, it consumes less time consumption. The main and important benefit of this proposed Application is that it is very much user friendly and accurate. So the employees and the administrators feel so much comfortable to work with it. Also in all the modules the regularly updated information are very much useful when they are extracted.


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