The use of the critical path method and the Bert method in planning the stages of manufacture and production of wooden doors (applied study in the laboratory Mustafa in the province of Dohuk)

  • Samaher T. Ibrahim Faculty of Management and Economics, Dohuk University, Kurdistan Region of Iraq


As a result of the continuous development and progress, the importance of the subject of operational research has increased. It helps to familiarize with the methods of operational research and apply them in policy making and planning in accordance with the objectives while ensuring the optimal use of energies and potentials as the progress of the world now in all fields led to the development of many different projects. An important factor in the implementation of these projects in the shortest possible time to start the completion of other new projects and here should take into account the possibilities available for the implementation of these projects, so that it is necessary to access the optimal planning under these resources and Amaka Yat Planning Project Limited. It has become imperative to take the modern planning methods accompanying the scientific developments and complexity in modern business. The objective of the study is to use the methods of process research, such as the "critical path" and "BERT", to plan and follow up the project of completing the manufacture of wooden doors, with the aim of achieving optimal time, not ending the project with resources and possibilities available at the lowest possible cost. The study concluded that the non-use of the methods of operations research in the implementation of projects within the laboratory reflected the negative effects on the implementation of the first project as the time period of implementation (365) days, while the plan was for a period not exceeding (206) days and the adoption of critical pathways and (206) days. Thus, there is a clear difference between actual implementation and scientific planning, which reached (159) days and the amount of the cost of implementation was ($ 107) dollars. And rely on the accumulated personal experience without determining the best scientific methods correct in the completion of projects manufacturing the production of wooden doors in the laboratory Mustafa. Among the indicators that were reached based on previous data in the implementation of the first project, it became clear that one of the main reasons for delaying the implementation of more than one interrelated activity is the lack of space allocated for business. One of the main reasons for delaying the completion of the previous project from the scheduled date is the delay in the arrival of raw materials in the specified time, which gives a clear indication of a defect in the weakness of follow-up.


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