Turnitin in AJNU


The Journal Plagiarism Checking Program

  • Plagiarism: The processor practice of using another person's ideas or work and pretending that it is your own (Cambridge Dictionary.)
  • The adopted percentage for citation form theses and dissertations is (15%), while (5%) is approved for one source (the first source).
  • For scientific and humanitarian research, (20%) of scientific citations rely on the scientific research itself that to be published in our journal or any other—the (5%) for a single source (first source).
  • Each research (scientific article, dissertation, and thesis) is subject to reviewing plagiarism and should be given in both hard and soft copy (on CD) to the journal management.
  • No research (scientific article, dissertation, and thesis) submitted to the journal for publication will be processed to Plagiarism Checking unless all prerequisites are met by filling out an application form prepared for this purpose.
  • Plagiarism checking for scientific articles would cost (25000 IQD) and for dissertations and thesis (50000 IQD.)
  • The faculty (permanent, contract, visitor) of Nawroz University will be exempt from payment for plagiarism checking under two conditions. First, they must use Nawroz as their affiliation. Second, research should have a DOI number or any number approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of KRG for ranking purposes.
  • No research that has been checked with the Plagiarism Program is deemed to be valid unless it bears the director's signature and seals responsible for the plagiarism program.
  • All researches submitted to the Academic Journal of Nawroz University are subjected to a plagiarism check program. Any plagiarism checking outside Nawroz University will not be counted.
  • The plagiarism detection report is accurate for (6) months from the date it is issued to the individual concerned; otherwise, the report is not considered.
  • For hierarchical purposes, each research checked by the plagiarism program would be sequenced.
  • Nawroz University faculty staff (government and private) shall use the official NZU email accounts in their submitted research to be published in the Academic Journal of Nawroz University or any other journal; otherwise, Nawroz will bear the evaluation fees.