Publishing Rules


Journal publishing rules

 First: Requirements:

1.The researcher's name is written in Kurdish and English for research papers in the Kurdish language.
2.The researcher's name is written in Arabic and English for papers in Arabic.
3.Brief biography (Short Bio.).
4.Abstract in English for research written in Kurdish and Arabic.
5.The title of the research is in English.
6.He writes the name of the researcher and the official e-mail of the researcher (the e-mail of the university or institution in which he works), and if it is not available, he must write the researcher's e-mail on the Gmail website.
7.Writing five key words (Keywords) in the Kurdish language and English for research written in the Kurdish language.
8.Writing five key words (Keywords) in Arabic and English for research written in Arabic.
9.The name of the university and college according to the research language in addition to the English language.
10.Sources should be written in APA format.


 - Author, A. (Publication Year). Article title. Periodical Title, Volume (Issue), pp.-pp.

If there are margins, they are left at the end of the research after the sources.

2.Second: Publishing Rules:

1.The numbering is as follows:
3. 1 secondary address
4. 1.1 Subtitle inside subtitle and so on ...
5. The font is of Arabic Typesetting, size 28 for the title of the research, 14 for the headings, subtitles, and body, and 12 for the sources for research in the Kurdish and Arabic languages.
6. Font is Book Antiqua and size 18 for the title of the research and 10 for headlines, subtitles, body and sources for English-language research.
7. The line spacing is 1.5.
8. Leave no space between headings, subheadings and body.
9. Subheadings and headings are written without a colon (:).
10. Using the (Unicode) method for writing research papers in the Kurdish language. You can benefit from the website:
11. Mathematical figures, flowcharts and tables must be in Word format and are not accepted in the form of images, except for maps and photographs, provided they are of high resolution.
12. The sources of tables and figures are written in size 12 at the bottom of the table or figure without a space between the source and the table, and the tables are centered from all sides.
13. The space between the table title and the table is 1.5 without adding spaces.