Paper Review Diagram


Research Evaluation Stage

Academic Journal of Nawroz University

Dear researcher, in the Academic Journal of Nawroz University, the following are the stages that the research assessment process goes through:

  1. By following the tutorial video's steps on the university website, the researcher shall electronically submit his/her article (research.)
  2. Upon receiving the research by the journal's editorial board, the research is subject to the applied plagiarism checking program. The percentage of similarity must not exceed (20%) for the research's initial approval.
  3. The research will be forwarded to the journal's editorial board to assess the specialization and decide the reviewers after passing the plagiarism checking program. Hereafter, the research will be sent secretly to the reviewers. The evaluation period is (30) days starts from the study's submission date.
  4. After receiving back research from the reviewers, the research will be returned to the researcher to make corrections within a span not exceeding one week.
  5. Once the corrections have been made, the editorial board shall send the study to one of the reviewers to ensure that the researcher's amendments have been made. The reviewer shall state his opinion within a period not exceeding one week from the date of receipt of the research.
  6. If the reviewer acknowledges the researcher's correction, the research will be approved for publication.
  7. If the research is plagiarized from a Master's or Ph.D. dissertation, the researcher must justify this. He/she must bring a plagiarism report from his/her university; otherwise, research would not be promoted to the review process.

Important notes:

  1. The fees for publishing a research amount to (125,000) one hundred and twenty-five thousand Iraqi dinars; (100,000) includes the fee of reviewers, each (50,000). The remaining (25,000) twenty-five thousand Iraqi dinars are the fees of the plagiarism check program.
  2. The sum referred to above is non-refundable, and the applicant has no right to claim it, whether the research was approved or declined.
  3. If the percentage of plagiarism approaches (50%), the journal's management will apologize for allowing research to be published.
  4. If the plagiarism percentage is less than (50%), the researcher will be given only a chance to decrease until reaching down to (20%). If he/she fails to do so, the right of publication will be declined.
  5. For the research that is exposed to plagiarism, the researcher is obligated to pay (25,000) twenty-five thousand Iraqi dinars, which are not refundable, regardless of whether the research crosses the percentage of plagiarism or not.
  6. The journal management is not obliged to provide the researcher with the reasons for denial, except in the case of necessity estimated by the editorial board and based on the researcher's official request.