Plagiarism Info.

Journal’s Plagiarism Detecting Program



First: Plagiarism is the process of quoting specific information from a published thesis, dissertation or a research paper whether fully or partially with reference to the author.


Second: (15%) of the scientific quotation for the university thesis/dissertations is acceptable including no more than (5%) for a single source (the first source).


Third: (20%) of the scientific quotation is acceptable for scientific research papers that will be published in our journal or any other journal including no more than (5%) for a single source (the first source). These percentages are applied to both scientific and humanitarian research papers.


Fourth: Any scientific work (including research papers, theses and university dissertations) that is required to be checked must be submitted in a hard copy and a soft (electronic) copy saved on a CD.


Fifth: No research paper, a thesis or a university dissertation can be submitted to plagiarism detection unless some required steps are done. These steps include applying a written request on a certain template that is already prepared for this purpose.


Sixth: The cost of checking plagiarism for a research paper is (25,000 Iraqi dinars) and (50,000 Iraqi dinars) for university theses and dissertations.


Seventh: Paper plagiarism checking is free of charge for the professors of Nawroz University, both government and private employees, in addition to visitors provided that the name of Nawroz University is mentioned in the research paper (for the visitors) and the research paper is published in a journal that bears a (DOI) number or any other number that is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Such number is required for the purpose of classification. Otherwise, the professor is not exempted from paying the costs of checking plagiarism.


Eighth: No plagiarism report is considered valid unless it is signed and sealed by the director who is in charge of the plagiarism detecting program.


Ninth: Plagiarism reports from outside Nawroz University are not accepted for those papers published in the Journal of Nawroz University. Any paper must be checked by our own plagiarism program of Nawroz University Journal.


Tenth: Plagiarism reports are valid for (6) months after the date of issuing them to their authors. Otherwise, reports are expired and cannot be accepted.