Publishing fees

Publication fee:

Publishing in free-to-publish journals offers a new form of research paper publication that provides barrier-free worldwide access to the full text of all published papers. It also provides free access to all readers interested in viewing, downloading, printing, and redistributing any research paper without having to subscribe in journal’s website. This method therefore, yields better advantages for researchers and other people who are interested in the process of subscribing in the journal. For that reason, the journal charges researchers some fees required to cover the costs for the paper evaluation, plagiarism detection, and paper publication. These costs are as follows:


First: For the research papers from inside Iraq, the researcher shall pay (125,000) one hundred and twenty-five thousand Iraqi dinars. (100,000) is for the evaluators (50,000 for each), and (25,000) is for plagiarism detection.


Second: For research papers from outside Iraq, the researcher shall pay (US$150) one hundred fifty US dollars. This amount includes evaluator’s fee, plagiarism detection cost, and money transfer commission.


Third: Free (No Publications Fees) For The Authors that belongs to Nawroz University.