Review Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted for publication in the Academic journal of Nawroz University (AJNU)are subjected to double-blind peer-review. Double blind reviewing maintains the identity of both author and reviewer, not disclosing their names to the authors. The anonymity of reviewers ensures objective and unbiased assessment of the manuscript by reviewers.

The reviewer needs to follow the following step during the review process.
1. Accept or decline manuscript review within 1 week.
2. After acceptance, the link to download the manuscript will be activated.
3. Access the online review form and submit the revision.
4. Submit the final decision; Decline, Accept, Accept with revision, .., etc.

Reviewers are advised to consider the following important aspects of a manuscript when conducting the review.

1. Reporting of Original Results:
The results reported in the manuscript must be original and authentic work of the authors. They should be devoid of any plagiarism and the material should not have been published earlier. Studies which report some reproduced results, for example, a new clinical trial, may also be considered for publication.

2. Experiments and Analyses:
Experiments and other analyses should meet the recognized technical standards and must be described systematically. The research presented in a manuscript should facilitate in reaching accurate conclusions from the statistics. Methods and experiments as well as reagents should be documented in detail.

3. Interpretation of Results:
Authors should present and interpret the results and conclusions in an appropriate and comprehensive manner, clearly explaining the results and outcomes of their study. Incomplete interpretation of results may result in rejection of the manuscript.

4.  Language of Composition:
The manuscript should be written in English in a clear, direct and active style, free from grammatical errors and other linguistic inconsistencies. All pages should be numbered sequentially, facilitating the reviewing and editing of the manuscript. Authors are advised to contact Bentham Science’s contracted service provider Eureka Science for any assistance, if needed, on the language editing of their manuscripts.

5. Experiments involving Humans and Animals:
The research must meet the highest applicable international standards of the ethics of experimentation and research integrity. A brief description on ethical guidelines is given in the ‘Instructions for Authors’ of every journal published by Bentham Science.


AJNU respects requests not to have the manuscripts peer-reviewed by those experts who may have a competing interest with the author(s) of a submitted manuscript. It is not possible for Editors to be aware of all competing interests; we, therefore, expect that reviewers would inform the Editor-in-Chief/Handling Editor if they notice any potential competing interest during the course of the manuscript review. Moreover, the reviewers are expected to inform the Editors or editorial office of the journal if they have a conflict of interest in carrying out a review of a manuscript submitted by any author/contributor of the manuscript.