The Design and Implementation of Smart Trash Bin


  • Fady E. F. Samann College of Engineering, Department of Computer and Communication, Nawroz University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Kurdistan



smart device, trash bin, waste container, microcontroller, GSM, ultrasonic sensor


This paper presents a cost-effective design of an intelligent waste container for small-scale cases. This system is based on Arduino Nano board and an ultrasonic sensor to monitor the fullness level of the container and give SMS alerts using a GSM module. The system is powered by lithium battery power bank supported by solar cell panel. The system provides an option of charging external portable devices using the power bank. Moreover, the system will store usage events, recorded by PIR sensor, and fullness events on a memory card, which is also used to play audio message using a speaker, when the bin is being used. Finally, the system is implemented successfully with an acceptable overall cost for the intended application. The system performance was found satisfactory according to the obtained test results.


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