Stock management errors and their impact on the productivity of the organization / field study in a sample of stores in the city of Duhok


  • Mayasar A. Hassan College of Economics and Administrative,Department of Economics, Nawroz University, Duhok, Kurdistan-Iraq



The Inventory is an important element for organizations, especially the industrial ones' these organizations are trying to keep different types of stock to prevent stalled or production stopped, and this does not mean that the stock does not have such importance in other especially trade organizations, The role played by the stock in trade organizations no less important in the survival and continuity in the market and to maintain their customers. What is important here how to manage inventory properly balanced, in order to avoid the stalled or stopped production processes, or the failure to meet the needs of customers in the event of shortages in stockpiles as well as the case when the increase in the amount of inventory will lead to the survival of part of the head frozen money in the form of stocks is difficult to convert into cash because that depends on the length of the period of production or sale (Abdul Qadir and Abbas, 1991: 167).To reach balance and proper management of the stock to be working to remove and overcome all the mistakes and obstacles that affect inventory management properly, especially during the storage process and turn it into positive points can be invested in inventory management with the aid including availability of technology and ready-made software used in inventory management field.


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