The Civil War in Costa Rica (March 12 - April 19, 1948)


  • Ali Salih Hamdan Department of History, Faculty of Humanities / University of Dohuk, Kurdistan Region of Iraq



Costa Rica lived through the grinding conditions of the civil war in 1948, which left thousands of innocent victims who participated in that war on behalf of one of the parties, and which resulted from the intensification of the conflict between the two conflicting parties, after the supporters of the candidate Rafael Angel Calderon Guardia burned a number of the main electoral boxes, which pushed the opposition To disobedience and authority, direct responsibility for rigging the election result, which was won by the opposition candidate Utilio Ulate.

 Their forces gathered behind the exiled military leader, José Figueres, who was able to seize power by armed force, and the situation continued as it was, until the latter abdicated power to the candidate who won the elections eighteen months after the end of the elections. The war, and thus the Costa Ricans were able to shake off the bloody effects of the war, and start a new historical period.


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