Molecular Approaches for the Detection of DNA Methylation


  • Harem Othman Smail Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Health, Koya University, Koya KOY45, Kurdistan Region-F.R. Iraq
  • Dlnya Asaad Mohamad Department of Biology, College of Science, Sulaimani University, Sulaymanyah, Iraq



epigenetics, DNA methylation, bisulfite sequencing, CpG island, enzymatic digestion and radiolabeled


The main goals of this review were to understand the main molecular approaches for the detection of different types of epigenetics modification such as chromatin modifications and DNA methylation .this review provide information about the most sensitive and reliable methods for the defection of epigenetics .generally there are two approaches for detection chromatin remodeling and five approaches for DNA methylation detection widely uses   .the most of the useful techniques for chromatin remodeling was chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay. Formaldehyde is used in this process to in vivo cross-link proteins to DNA, followed by chromatin extraction from cross-linked cells and tissues. Bisulfite conversion DNA methylation and Bisulfite sequencing methylation is used for DNA methylation. The bisulfite conversion mechanism is a key step in the identification and recognition of DNA methylation; the principles of bisulfite conversion rely on the presence or absence of unique cytosine methyl groups at the carbon-5 site. After treatment with sodium bisulfite, unmethylated cytosine residues are converted to uracil, while 5-methylcytosine (5mC) remains unchanged due to the block reaction of the methyl groups. However, the design of primers for converted and non-converted cytosine is necessary to avoid any errors.


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