Investigation of Air Solar Collector with Energy Storage for Domestic Purposes


  • Diyar Nadhim Saeed Energy Department, Technical College of Engineering, Duhok Polytechnic University, Duhok-Iraq
  • Ayad Younus Abdullah Technical College of Engineering, Energy Department, Duhok Polytechnic University



جامع الهواء الشمسي (SAC) ، تخزين الطاقة ، سرير تخزين الحجر ، الحجر (الصخور).



In the current study, a three-pass solar air collector (SAC) connected with a stone storage bed is investigated. The thermal energy storage was used to store energy during the day time and then re-use it at night or during the cloudy hours. Four solar air collectors were used in this research which were connected consecutively to the stone storage bed. High density black stones (440 kg) of different sizes and weights were used as a storing medium. The physical properties of the stones were measured in the lab. The experiments were conducted on clear and partly cloudy days for three random days at a constant air flow rate (0.0377 kg/s) for the climate of the Dohuk city, Iraq. The parameters that affect the thermal performance of (SAC) were evaluated with integration of the stone storage bed. The solar radiation intensity, air temperatures at different locations were measured. Obtained data showed that the stone storage bed gives a temperature difference of about 10℃ after sunset and lasts for about 4-5 hours. The used stone bed has the property of acquiring stored heat for a long time after sunset which was released at night or on partly cloudy days.


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