Effect of Foliar Application Nano NPK Fertilizers and Bio Stimulants on Growth, Yield, and Quality of Two Red Cabbage Cultivars (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata rubra)


  • Dunya S. Saeed Department of Horticulture, Technical College of Akre, Duhok polytechnic University, Kurdistan Region –Iraq
  • Sanaa M.S. Rasheed Department of Horticulture, College of agriculture engineering science, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region _Iraq




The experiment was done during growing seasons 2021-2022 in field condition at Protected cultivation Department/ in Zakho technical institute/Dohuk polytechnic university, to investigate the effect of Nano NPK fertilizers(0 and 2 g.l-1 ) and Bio stimulants (0, fulvic acid 0.5 g.l-1, amino acid 1g.l-1 and F+A g.l-1) on growth, yield, and quality of two red Cabbage Cultivars (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata rubra) .The treatments will be arranged in split-split plot system. The fertilizers spray was done one month after transplanting and repeated three time interval 10 days between them. The result showed that the Nano NPK had no significant difference on the all parameters. fulvic acid (0.5 g.l-1 ) significantly increases head length (cm), head weight (kg) , and total yield (ton. ha-1). Number of leaves per plant increase with Amino acid (1 g.l-1.). While (F+A g.l-1) increased ascorbic acid (%), but bio stimulants no affected to anthocyanin (mg/100g) and carbohydrate (%) .The FIREBALL F1 cultivar significant increased No. of leaves per plant (leaf.plant-1), head weight (kg), total yield (ton. ha-1) and carbohydrate (%). While ZEINA F1 only increased ascorbic acid (%), but cultivars were not affected on head length (cm) and anthocyanin (mg/100g).The binary and triple interaction revealed that the combination between FIREBALL F1, fulvic acid (0.5 g.l-1 ) significantly increased almost all characteristics.


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