The The Effect of Audit Quality on The Value Relevance of Accounting Information An applied study on a sample of listed commercial banks in Iraqi securities exchange market


  • Zhiyan M. M. A. Alrekani directorate of social careCollege of Administrative Technology, University of Dohuk, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Muhammad Huwaish Allawi Al-Shajiri Technical College of Administration and Economics, Iraqi University, Iraq



      The research aims to test which accounting information (earnings, book value and operating cash flows per share) is most appropriate for the value. As well as testing the relationship and the impact of the quality of the external audit on the value relevance of the accounting information for commercial banks listed in the (ISX) for the period (2016-2020). To achieve the objectives of the research, the inductive experimental method was adopted in testing and analyzing the relationship between the research variables based on the modified Ohlson model, where two main statistical models were formulated to test the research hypotheses. The descriptive statistical analysis tools as well as the correlation coefficient and the standard multiple regression were used using the statistical program (Eviews) and the statistical program (SPSS) to analyze the data collected for (13) listed commercial banks for a period of five years (2016-2020). As it was relied on the preliminary data published in each of the annual financial reports of the listed banks and market bulletins published on the (ISX) website. Several conclusions were reached, the most prominent of which was the low value relevance of accounting information in general in the listed commercial banks, and the research found that there is no significant effect of the quality of the external audit in any of the three accounting variables in its relationship with stock prices in the presence or absence of the control variable. While the research presented a number of recommendations, the most important of which was the necessity of obligating Iraqi commercial banks to actually implement the rules and mechanisms of institutional governance for Iraqi banks issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, and to activate its role in continuous supervision and control to ensure effective and proper application.


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