Web-Based Agricultural Management Products for Marketing System: Survey


  • Hayfaa Subhi Malallah ITM Department, Duhok Polytechnic University, Kurdistan Region –Iraq
  • Maiwan Bahjat Abdulrazzaq Computer Science, University of Zakho, Iraq, Kurdistan Region –Iraq




The development of information systems motivated scientists to use their knowledge to improve new tactics that can provide competitive advantages in a highly complex environment, primarily in the management of agricultural products marketing systems. Farmers often blame marketing issues for their struggles. Poor prices, a lack of transportation, and substantial post-harvest losses are all issues that they can recognize, but they are typically ill-equipped to solve. Modern technology, particularly Internet and mobile connectivity, makes it easier for people to do their work across a wide range of activities, including economics, commerce, marketing, and agriculture. Agricultural Information Management Systems (AIMS) are becoming more popular as a useful sector as agriculture expands and becomes one of the world's most lucrative enterprises. In recent years, people have become increasingly dependent on this technology. Systems have evolved from passively absorbing information to actively incorporating users as an important part of the system. The goal of this research to find out whether various agricultural implementations of various systems have a good effect on their operations by facilitating chores for farmers and dealers, and merchants easier. Study 26 investigated whether farmers' and retailers' use of web-based technology facilitated the display and sale of goods.

KEYWORDS: Agricultural Products, Marketing System, E-Commerce, E- Marketing, Agricultural Marketing.


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