Image Encryption based on AES Algorithm and XOR Operation


  • Veman Ashqi Saeed Technical College of Administration, Information Technology Management Department, Duhok, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Bareen Haval Sadiq Technical Collage of Administration, Duhok Polytechnic University, KRG - Iraq



Sending digital pictures across open networks has emerged as a major privacy risk in recent years. Despite the environment's adaptability and the many benefits it offers, there are, however, a significant number of threats to one's privacy and safety. A great number of cryptosystems have been proposed in the literature on picture encryption in an effort to make communication more secure.  For the purpose of data transmission, the AES algorithm is utilized due to the increased efficiency it offers in the block. This paper proposes image encryption techniques based on the AES algorithm and Henon map. The plain image has been encrypted using the AES algorithm at the first step. Then, the Henon map is used to generate a random key which is required to provide the second step of encryption. This step of encryption has been performed using the XOR operation. The results of the studies demonstrate that the strategy proposed resolves the issues that are present in conventional techniques of encryption.   The histogram of the encryption picture is consistently spaced despite being different from the histogram of the original image. The recommended approach is extremely sensitive to the key value; even minute adjustments result in a distinct visual representation. As a result, apps that provide real-time picture encryption while operating over unsecured networks are suitable for the unique technique.


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