The Repercussions of The American Hostages' cisis on The British stance towards Iran 1979-1981


  • Dileen Adeeb M.Salih Miro Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, Zakho University
  • Shirzad Zakaria Mohammed Department of Geography, Faculty of Education, Zakho University



The issue of American hostages is considered one of the prominent international events that took place in the second half of the twentieth century. It notably had a negative impact on the British political stance towards Iran. Additionally, it served as a point of pressure on Iran to change its political course concerning the Islamic Revolution. The problem of American hostages created new political equations, particularly between the United States and Britain. Consequently, Britain seized the opportunity to maintain its foothold in Iran after being defeated in the events of the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

The British stance was characterized by having a clear impact on the course of events, and Iran did not remain passive in the face of British pressures. Instead, Iran sought the necessity of finding a diplomatic solution to preserve its relations with the influential major country in the region.


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