Geopolitical Influence Of The Shape Of The Kurdistan Region Of Iraq . An Applied Study


  • Safeen J. Fathulla College of Human Sciences, Geography Department, University of Koya - Koya, Kurdistan Region - Iraq
  • Peshraw S. Tawfiq College of Human Sciences, Geography Department, University of Koya - Koya, Kurdistan Region - Iraq



Geopolitical, Geopolitical dimension, Hagit scale, Miller scale, Forms of political units


Constitute geopolitics and one of the thorniest issues in geographic studies that because it means linking and analysis of human interactions fast paced and trends domestic and      

Foreign and military policy associated with geographic factors ground semi-fixed and to which the State is a unit of study, and the state is in itself a synthesis Bushra Timed stability are heading for rapid changes disparate and varied , Valjeopoltek is the political culture, influenced by geography, an architecture policy states and interpreter for the movement and the subject of political unity form is one of the important topics which followed geopolitical studies to assess the weight of states that the geographical shape affect the steering internal state and foreign policy, either that gives it shape strength strengthen its position, or weaken its strength and steadfastness threatening. The study of the shape property looks practically need because, there are serious attempts to measure forms of political units using different statistical methods, where Bounds wrote that "the geometry of the state represents a less severe problem of one degree than those arise from the geographical extension of her" has expressed a lot of students that figure most often random property have no real significance. In spite of that it is "fair to mention that figure alone does not sign him, the study of the shape property is at the heart of the concerns of science Algiopoltak from which to analyze and link the human interactions and political trends geographical factors semi-fixed.

That measure forms of political units using methods particular statistic for the purpose of knowing the true weight of those forms because all cadastral units possess forms of two-dimensional, a fixed relationship to the location and distance of the point of the circumference of her, that is, measuring the shapes not just the way the shape and the direction taken by the forms of spatial units over an area that certain of the earth's surface, but is the relationship of those forms to each other, so we find that maps active role in representing the different relationships to understand the fine details which require studies using statistical Metrology in line with the political geographic and function and this is what we trying to show the  study.


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