Sustainable Cities Economics in Developing Countries (Analytical theory study)


  • Ayad B. Al-Chalabi Department of Economics, University of Nawroz, Kurdistan Region of Iraq



Financial and administrative support is an important factor in the formulation of a new strategy for city-level investment by granting or lending funds to projects in order to build a productive economy in the city, providing high-quality jobs. This strategy depends on a new coordination on the approach of economic development, which is based on existing institutions and should be coordinated between the city and the province and the region where the departments share an investment strategy to ensure that the allocation of government spending on projects in both geographical areas in order to grow the economy of the province and the region. With the development criteria meeting the fundamental sustainability of environmental bodies at the regional, provincial or urban planning level where development strategies can be coordinated with the environmental standards of the province and the development of a viable one model and community development by financial support. This coordination should not come at the expense of the local administration of the city. As well as the establishment of a competitive process based on criteria for the registration of points that meet the principles of sustainable economic development. This would motivate local governments to propose projects in the race towards sustainable development and development and encourage grass-roots participation in small-scale entrepreneurship.


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