Güler and Linaro et al Model in an Investigation of the Neuronal Dynamics using noise Comparative Study


  • Renas R Asaad Department of Computer Science, Nawroz University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region – Iraq




Guler Model, Linaro et al Model, Neural Network, Neuron Science


Recently, theoretical arguments, numerical simulation and experiments shown that ion channel noise in neurons can have deep impact on the behavior of the neuron's dynamical when there is a limited size for the membrane space. It can be create different models of Linaro al equations by using stochastic differential equations to find the impacts of ion channel noise, and it has been  analytically put forward the Güler model. More recently, Güler has discussed that in small neurons the rate functions for the closing and opening of gates are under the effect of the noise. In this research, the investigation of dynamics neurons are determined with noise rate functions. The exact Markov simulations will be employ during the investigation with above analytical models. Comparatively, the results will be presented from these models. The research aims to show more details on the phenomenon recently outlined by Güler.


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Asaad, R. R. (2019). Güler and Linaro et al Model in an Investigation of the Neuronal Dynamics using noise Comparative Study. Academic Journal of Nawroz University, 8(3), 10–16. https://doi.org/10.25007/ajnu.v8n3a360




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