An Efficient Method of Image Encryption Using Rossler Chaotic System


  • Yasir Ahmed Hamza Department of computer Science=Nawroz University
  • Marwan Dahar Omer Dept. of Computer Science, Saint Leo University, Florida-Texas, USA



Encrypted-image; initial conditions; encryption key; RC4; Rossler chaotic system.


In this study, a new approach of image encryption has been proposed. This method is depends on the symmetric encryption algorithm RC4 and Rossler chaotic system. Firstly, the encryption key is employed to ciphering a plain image using RC4 and obtains a ciphered-image. Then, the same key is used to generate the initial conditions of the Rossler system. The system parameters and the initial conditions are used as the inputs for Rossler chaotic system to generate the 2-dimensional array of random values. The resulted array is XORed with the ciphered-image to obtain the final encrypted-image. Based on the experimental results, the proposed method has achieved high security and less computation time. Also, the proposed method can be resisted attacks like (statistical, brute-force, and differential).


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