The impact of some macroeconomic variables on the general index of the Iraq Stock Exchange Duration (2005-2018): an applied study


  • Hajeen M. Mustafa College of Economics and Administrative, Duhok University, Duhok, Kurdistan-Iraq



The main objective of the study is to know the effect of the five macroeconomic variables (oil price, economic growth, exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar, foreign direct investment and interest rate) on the general index of the Iraq Stock Exchange for the period (2005-2018) using statistical and standard analysis such as multiple regression. The results of the research showed a significant negative impact for both oil prices and the exchange rate, and the insignificance of the negative impact of both foreign direct investment and the interest rate with insignificance of the positive impact of economic growth on the dependent variable, the general index of the Iraq Stock Exchange. The research also suggested that the Iraqi government be concerned and taken Decision on the efficiency of the financial market with activating the role of fiscal and monetary policy and encouraging foreign investment to participate in building economic development in Iraq.


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