Economic security in light of the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19): developments and future impacts


  • Yousif Kh. I. Al-Sabaawi International Economy, League of Arab States



The study dealt with the importance of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) on global economic growth and the extent to which the volume of global demand and supply is affected in light of the current variables, in addition to following up on the cold war between America and China and the impact of the virus pandemic on the volume of trade exchange after the end of Corona and the possibility of changing the system. Global trade after globalization was the basis for it, so the concept of economic security and its importance was discussed before talking about developments and repercussions at the global level after the emergence of Corona virus and entering into the current and future effects on the level of global trade and economic policies, and the study reached the expected results in the next phase It is ((America will suffer heavy economic waste, and the expansion of the anticipated recession, and the post-Corona world will be more closed, protected and less open, the exit of European allies from the less united epidemic with the increase in security tensions and increasing instability that may lead to other wars in addition to an increase in the tariff war. Between America and China, which will push most companies to rethink their approach The study also found the need for a rapid response at the level of monetary and financial policies to support the demand and provide the necessary financing for the various sectors most affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus by injecting cash liquidity, the importance of enhancing spending on health services, and caring for patients that require providing funding for health recovery, and the need to stimulate packages Financial support through central banks or through the creation of financing portfolios).


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