Random employment and financial and administrative corruption


  • Ahmad I. Abid Mansoor Department of Economics, Nawroz University, Kurdistan region of Iraq
  • Salim S. Saber Almashreq University, Iraq
  • Sabah H. Ali Business Administration, Al-Bayan Private University, Lebanon




الكلمات الدالة : 1- التشغيل العشوائي ، 2- الفساد الاداري ، 3- الفساد المالي


No two people disagree that the human resource is the essential and driving component of the production process, which makes attention to it unavoidable, in order to ensure better productivity. This is achieved by investing this vital resource by working in accordance with what was prepared for it to ensure the perfection of that work and to preserve what was invested in preparing it (investment in education) in order to produce it properly. So how is this achieved? For this reason, organizations have resorted to investing these capabilities in what they were prepared for, through planning this resource, by identifying jobs in accordance with the objectives of the institution and in line with the scope of its work. All of this made the job title formulated on the weight of the actor's name as an indication of the work he is practicing, so the job title must fully indicate what it performs in terms of activity, the work it performs, and the tasks it accomplishes. All this made the job title inherent and identical to its content, indicative of a complete indication, and it is not separated from it or separated from it. This is on the part of the job, but on the part of the employee, he should not be in a job except in accordance with his capabilities and the work he is proficient in, meaning that he be in the place that was prepared for him. This includes strength for the institution and an advantage in the arena of competition and success. Every matter to the contrary is reflected in a waste of financial and human resources, a waste of what was invested in preparing them, and in their reluctance to perform the tasks for which they were prepared, which leads to their inferior performance.


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