"Studying the Characteristics of Algebraic Curve Behavior For Nonstandard Method"


  • Hind Y. Saleh College of Basic Education, University of Duhok, Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Iraq




Monad, Infinitesimal, Limited, Shadow, Regular and Irregular points


This research aims to study some algebraic curve behaviors in monad (halo) of the regular and irregular points. For this, the Robinson ideas can be used for limited points. Also the geometric tangent at this limited point and the analysis of the algebraic curve around the same point will be studied. Concepts of nonstandard analysis given by Robinson and its axiomatic by Nelson have been used. In this research, we have obtained a state where the point of origin is a regular point and concave is as illustrated in (5). So the curve has connection in this equation (6). There is a second state where the point of origin is an abnormal point of the curve as illustrated in (11). Finally, it has a concave that is calculated in the equation (29).


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