ATC System Simulation


  • Ahmed A. H. Alkurdi College of Computer and Information Technology, Nawroz University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Iraq



Gridsim toolkit, Simulation, Resource Modelling, Application Scheduling, Air Traffic Control


Nowadays, Simulation has seen a major role in system development. Real world programs and events are simulated using computer software for the purpose of reducing risk, failure, testing and education. Simulation is essential to real world programs like Air Traffic Control system. Simulating such a system is vital as its failure can be catastrophic and disastrous. In this article a study of the simulation of Air traffic control system using Gridsim toolkit is presented. Air traffic control is a system that manages airplane movement on ground and in the sky. It is responsible for all the components of an airport. Gridsim toolkit is a simulation tool used for resource modelling and application scheduling in parallel and distributed computing systems. In this paper, Gridsim toolkit is used to map the Air traffic control components in real time to simulate the system work where different example of producing the system are presented.


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Alkurdi, A. A. H. (2018). ATC System Simulation. Academic Journal of Nawroz University, 7(3), 195–207.




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