Modified Lsb For Hiding Encrypted Kurdish Text Into Digital Image


  • Nada E. Tawfiq Department of Computer Science, Nawroz University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Iraq



Image files can hide text without their size being affected too much. This process called steganography which allows hiding text in images without any suspicions from intruders. This paper addresses an improved LSB substitution algorithm for hiding Kurdish text information written in text file into digital image as steganography technique. The algorithm consists of two main phases, the first phase holds the encryption of the Kurdish text message and the embedded technique while the second phase hold the message extraction followed by decryption to get the original code of each character. The algorithm contains many procedures to enhance this process. Least Significant Bit method is used to hide the Kurdish text, in order to keep the features and characteristics of the original image. Applying the proposed approach shows that it seems work in a best case by hiding and retrieving text from the digital image which is used as a carrier of this text. Delphi 2010 was used to simulate both encrypt-embedded phase and extract-decrypt phase, and the results were obtained with high and security which proved the efficiency of the algorithm, where the hidden Kurdish text didn’t make any distortion or change over the cover image.


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