Statelessness Under International Terrorism


  • Abdullah F. Hamid Faculty of Law, University of Duhok, Duhok, Kurdistan-Iraq
  • Mohammed H. Khamo Faculty of Law, Nawroz University, Duhok, Kurdistan-Iraq



International law, international terrorism, non-nationality


With the growing of international terrorism phenomenon in recent years, we can expect increasing in the statelessness cases in two parallel directions, in the first direction the states have resorted to a review its laws and preparing draft laws and decisions to withdraw nationality from fighters who have involved in terrorist organizations such as "Isis". In the second direction, It has resulted from the wars and battles which carried out by terrorist organizations in some countries  -in particular in Iraq and Syria- the displacing of large numbers of residents to neighboring countries in addition to other countries such as some European countries which has become a haven for immigrants and refugees, and because of the stay of large numbers of individuals in those countries for years, this has resulted that newborns in refugee camps may become statelessness.

In addition to the above cases of statelessness arising from the phenomenon of international terrorism, there is a case of newborns under the authority of terrorist organizations, since such organizations ruled a large cities for a long time as in the Iraqi Mosul city and the Syrian Raqqa city, which means the presence of large numbers of babies that were born in the era of those organizations without documents prove their identity. The research aims to study all cases of statelessness due to international terrorism in order to identifying the cases that we can protect the individual from the statelessness as in the case of babies born in refugee camps, the research will also focus on the possible solutions for those babies born under the authority of the terrorist organizations according to the provisions of the Iraqi Nationality Law, on the ground that the penalty of father fighter in terrorist organizations must be personal and does not extend to include his children and the rest of the family.


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Hamid, A. F., & Khamo, M. H. (2017). Statelessness Under International Terrorism. Academic Journal of Nawroz University, 6(2), 110–126.




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