Legal regulation of the rights of people with special needs


  • Ahmad N. Taha Department of Law, Duhok Polytechnic University, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Faris Ali Jangeer Department of Law, Nawroz University, Kurdistan Region of Iraq



legal, rights, special needs, political rights


Depending on the need of people with special needs to obtain special measures, the purpose of which is to facilitate their integration with society. Also, it reduces the burden on them as a result of their injuries, so that they can exercise their lives in a respectful and dignified manner. However this is inevitably done by enacting and developing legal legislation. In order to achieve a higher human goal it is to obtain, even a relative amount of equality with ordinary citizens.

Accordingly, the research deals with the legal organization of the rights of people with special needs. Then, it is determining the rights of this segment in accordance with the legislation in force in Iraq and international agreements and instruments.

Highlighting the paragraphs and articles regulating this and explaining the deficiencies and shortcomings in them, and identifying alternative texts in a manner consistent with international standards of rights the human.

As our research focuses on identifying the rights of people with special needs, in accordance with Iraqi legislation. We will rely on a comparative analytical approach by analyzing the provisions of the Law of Care of People with Disabilities and Special Needs No. (38) of 2013, and comparing it with other legislation related to the topic, as well as international agreements on that Which the State of Iraq joined.

The research is divided into two topics, the first shows civil, political and cultural rights for people with special needs, while the second is devoted to financial and economic rights for people with special needs.

In conclusion, the researchers tried to reach a set of conclusions and recommendations in which it proposes legislative texts consistent with the requirements of the modern era to achieve effectiveness and justice for this segment in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.


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