A Review of Intrusion Detection Systems


  • Hawkar Kh. Shaikha Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Zakho University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region – Iraq
  • Wafaa M. Abduallah College of Computer and Information Technology, Department of Computer Science, Nawroz University, Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Iraq




Intrusion Detection System, Network Security, Anomaly Based Detection, Signature Based Detection


The transformation of vast amount of information through the network channels appeared widely from one site to another and these information may be disclosed to the third party or the attackers. Thus, the protection process of transformed information is a complex process that can be established through the Intrusion Detection System (IDS).  Concealment and unity of information are the most important issues achieved through the intrusion detection system. The process of intrusion detection can be used with wireless or wired networks via making use of hardware or software techniques. Consequently, this caused to have lots of new techniques for IDS in various environments and different levels of network. Unfortunately, most of these techniques do not implemented together for increasing the security of the network. This leaded us to provide a review of the recent papers including a general view of intrusion detection in various environments through the networking and using various techniques. As a result, the most important intend for this paper is to embrace the most new progressions in this region. This may help the researchers to have a general knowledge on different techniques for protection through IDS and various types of intrusion and its detection techniques.


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Shaikha, H. K., & Abduallah, W. M. (2017). A Review of Intrusion Detection Systems. Academic Journal of Nawroz University, 6(3), 101–105. https://doi.org/10.25007/ajnu.v6n3a90