Investigating Passive Voice Problems in Kurdish Students’ Translation from and into English


  • Rand Sherzad Translation Department, College of Languages, University of Duhok, Duhok, KRG – Iraq
  • Shivan Shlaymoon Toma Translation Department, College of Languages, University of Duhok, Duhok, KRG – Iraq



Metaheuristic Translation is a means in which communication takes place between people who do not speak the same language and do not share the same culture. It is an undeniable fact that learners of language encounter problems in shifting a language into another using accurate aspects of the target one. This research looks at Badini-Kurdish students’ difficulties while translating passive voice structures from and into English. It also determines similarities and differences between English and Badini-Kurdish in terms of passive voice constructions. The participants of this study are 30 undergraduate students of the Department of Translation, College of Languages, University of Duhok. Two tests, i.e., an English language proficiency test and a translation test have been conducted for the purpose of data collection. Moreover, Larson’s (1984) model for translation assessment is used to assess the data obtained, combining statistical analysis with a qualitative evaluation. For data analysis, a descriptive method is used to explain the passive voice structure in both languages, a contrasted method is used to identify similarities and differences between the two languages, and a mixed method is used to accomplish the study’s goal. This research adds to the body of literature by illuminating the challenges and difficulties Badini-Kurdish students confront while translating passive voice constructs and offers insightful information for translators and language educators.


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