The Role of Entrepreneurial Marketing Practices in Marketing Recovery An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Managers in Number of Private Banks in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq


  • Shivan Nawzat Salih Department of Business Administration, College of Administrative Technology - Duhok Technical University, Kurdistan Region
  • Darman Sleman Sadiq Department of Business Administration, College of Administration and Economics - University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region



Marketing Practices, Marketing Recovery.


The research presented two frameworks, theoretical and field frameworks in order to identify the nature of the correlation and influence between entrepreneurial marketing practices as an independent variable and marketing recovery as a dependent variable. The first one dealt with the variables of entrepreneurial marketing and marketing recovery. To verify this, the researchers formulated a number of main hypotheses, and these hypotheses were tested by using a set of analytical statistical methods. The researchers designed a questionnaire and distributed 207 forms to managers and their representatives (assistant director, department manager, head of unit, and head of department) in the surveyed banks, and 171 valid forms were retrieved for statistical analysis. The research has come up with a set of findings and conclusions, the most prominent of which was: There is a significant effect of the entrepreneurial marketing practices variable on the marketing recovery variable of the banks under study with significant explanatory levels. The research reached several proposals, the most important of which is a review of pioneering marketing practices by diversifying their services and marketing methods, which the banks under study adopt in order to achieve marketing recovery at high levels and in a manner that guarantees them flexibility in the speed of facing environmental changes.


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