Image Processing with Python Libraries


  • Renas Rajab Asaad Department of Computer Science, Nawroz University, Kurdistan Region – Iraq
  • Rasan Ismael Ali Researcher
  • Zeravan Arif Ali Department of Information Technology Management, Duhok Polytechnic, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
  • Awaz Ahmad Shaaban Researcher



Python, OpenCV, Computer Vision, Image Processing


Today, computer vision is considered one of the most important sub-fields of artificial intelligence, due to the variety of its applications and capabilities to transfer the human ability to understand and describe a scene or image to the computer, so that it becomes able to recognize objects, shapes, colors, behavior and other capabilities of understanding the image. Image processing is one of the branches of computer science, and it is a way to perform some operations on an image in order to obtain an improved model for this image or extract some useful information from it. Often the data that is collected is primary data, meaning that it is not suitable for direct use in applications, so its need to analyze or pre-process it and then use it. For example: to build a data set that has been used in a model that classifies images as to whether they contain a house or not, depending on an image as input for this program. Our first step will be to collect hundreds of house images, but the problem is that these images will not be of the same dimensions, for example, so it’s to Change its dimensions, i.e., processing it in advance before submitting it to the model. The above is just one of the many reasons why image processing is important for any computer vision application


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Rajab Asaad, R., Ismael Ali, R., Arif Ali, Z., & Ahmad Shaaban, A. (2023). Image Processing with Python Libraries. Academic Journal of Nawroz University, 12(2), 410–416.




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