Social Conflict in Bohjeen Novel by Nafeh Akrawi- Part One as an Example


  • Zozan Sadeq Saeed College of Basic Education, Kurdsh department, Duhok, University of Duhok, Kurdstan- Iraq



Since the novel is an expression of reality with everything that is included in daily life, which the novelist portrayed in an artistic way, far away from feelings and emotions because he tries with all his rhetorical and expressive capabilities to accurately communicate the image and draw the broad lines of the main topic of his narration and narrates it in a simple way in order to convey the idea of his novel to the readersthrough personalities, whether flat or developing, in order to open the doors of secrets and mysteries hidden by members of society and embodied by the characters of the novel..

The novel (AlInsihar) (Part One) by the novelist (Nafi 'Aqrawi) talks about the fabric of a closed Kurdish society related to customs and traditions that cannot be tolerated. The conflict of all kinds is an integral part of the content of this narration, but the researcher took one type in order to penetrate into the side effects that it has on the psychology of individuals and to build their personality and draw their features in words to make the picture clear in front of the readers.

In addition to dealing with patriarchal authority and aristocratic authority by those with influence and property over the poor and the toiling class of peasants and those with limited income. So, the novelist portrayed the image of arbitrariness, the injustices of the rich, reaching the destruction of the dreams of society. In other words, he made the individual in conflict with life and those around him on the one hand and with the self on the other hand.

One of the driving factors for social conflict is poverty and deteriorating economic conditions and the absence of a constant source of livelihood and to ensure the life of the individual because the events of the novel date back to the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties of the last century. There were social instructions that help the poor, especially those in schools, so the protagonist (Said) it was he who revealed all aspects of life in that era.


The novelist did not forget the issue of nationalism and the national feeling of the Kurdish individual, because this issue in itself is another type of conflict between proving, imposing and recognizing nationalism and successive governments in that period.


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